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Cr. Juan Antonio Chiarino

Cr. Juan Antonio Chiarino

Accountant - consultant
Tel: +598 2902 0597

Professional Experience

Academic Studies:

  • 1976: School of Economics and Administration - Universidad de la República. Degree: Certified Public Accountant and Bachelor of Administration.
  • 2000: Universidad de Montevideo (Uruguay). Degree: Postgraduate in High Management.

Professional Associations:

  • Member of the Uruguayan Economists, Accountants and Administrators College.
  • He was Member of the Accounting Standards Committee of the Accountants, Administrators and Economists College in Uruguay.
  • He is Supernumerary Academic of the National Academy of Economics.

Courses, Conferences and Seminars:

  • Continuous training through participation in multiple training sessions, presentations and exhibitions on tax matters, accounting and auditing standards.
  • Specially, continuous training in Professional Courses related to IFRS and nationally and internationally NIAS.

Service Records:

  • PKF Uruguay consultant.
  • Auditing department. Implementation of Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 - SOX, COSO-RISK method.
  • Participation in audits in various Industrial, Commercial, Financial and Services companies.
  • He Participated as Director and / or Consultant in various projects financed by international organizations (IBRD, IDB, GTZ, HBS, etc.).
  • He was a trustee and member of various Audit committees of Industrial and Commercial companies, service companies and banks and other financial institutions.
  • Minister of Industry and Energy Ministry, 1982-1984.
  • Minister assistant on the Economy and Finance Ministry, 1981-1982.
  • Director of the Uruguay Central Bank, 1978-1981.
  • Alternate Governor of FONPLATA - 1981.
  • Official representative to various national and international organizations (IMF, IBRD, IDB, GATT, etc.)

Seminars or Courses Taught:

  • 2008 - Speaker on workshop about "IRAE FICTO" (notional rent tax).
  • 1977 - 1978 - Member of the "Business Management" cathedra and assistant of the "Quantitative Methods Applied to Business" at the University of Engineering and Surveying.
  • 1996 - Author of the "Professional Standards International Handbook - MINP", PKF Uruguay – Montevideo.
  • 1975 - 1976 - He was part of the "Industrial Administration and Accounting" cathedra at the School of Economics and Administration
  • 1995 - Author of "Alternative Financing through the Stock Exchange" - Uruguay Central Bank (BCU), Montevideo

Local Office:

Contact:CPA. Juan Antonio Chiarino

Tel: +598 2902 0597
Fax: +598 2902 1904
Address: Colonia 993 - Floor 4 next Julio Herrera y Obes
CP 11000 Montevideo / Uruguay

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