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Off-Shore Advice

PKF Uruguay optimizes tax benefits through the domain of all the normatives and investment options.

Uruguay offers investors, among other benefits:

  • Political, social and economic stability
  • Legal security
  • Low country risk
  • Investments grade (reclaimed in 2013)
  • Good telecommunications development: the highest internet level and pc penetration in Latin America
  • Good standard of living, and cultural and education level
  • Very good professional level
  • Free entry and exit of capital from Uruguay, with no exchange controls, obstacles to the foreign exchange market, or taxes on financial transactions. It is also allowed for the society to have local and foreign bank accounts in any currency

We specialize in the different off-shore activity regimes.

Providing advice and support from installation to operational performance of your company. The main off-shore operations that can be carried out through the uruguayan companies are:

  • Holding of state and intangibles
  • Investment portfolio
  • Commodities and services trading
  • Regional distribution centers
  • Cash management

Free Zones: national areas territory free of national taxes that are used to develop all manner of commercial, industrial and service activities for export markets.

Investment partnerships: partnerships in which the main goal is to participate in other partnerships.