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Labor Outsourcing

We aim to simplify the administrative tasks of the companies related to the staff, supporting them throughout the entire labor process.

The advantages of outsourcing this process are:

  • Taking full advantage of the contributions
  • Using the different recruitment modalities in existence, with their economical benefits
  • Cost reduction due to efficiency improvements
  • Back up from a multidisciplinary professional team

Our Professional Services:

  • Support and advice on incorporating staff: creation of probationary, term or continuing contracts. Analysis of the company’s situation and context to decide the most efficient and economic way to incorporate staff. Registering of staff on BPS (social security office) and MTSS (minister of labor and social security).
  • Support on labor agreements: analysis of the corresponding award increments.
  • Payroll: compilation of the month’s news, it’s analysis and corresponding payroll: salaries, bonuses, leaves, annual complimentary salaries and final liquidations.
  • Paycheck emission: either traditional or digital.
  • Settlement of social security’s special contributions: communicating the work history to BPS (social security office) and providing payment vouchers of monthly social security obligations.
  • Online payment: implies communicating the bank the salary of each employee so the company can pay through its bank account in a simple way.
  • Pension and Labor advice: answers to the general questions that can be made regarding labor or pension topics.
  • Support and advice on the letting off of staff: unregistering staff from BPS and MTSS (unified spreadsheet). Analysis of each particular case to suggest the best way to unlink the entity.
  • Defense on an administrative level on inspections carried out by the fiscal authorities of the Social Prevision Bank.
  • Management of the common and special certificates of BPS.