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Services offered by PKF Uruguay

Each of our professional services help better the efficiency, rentability and management of the companies.

We offer a personalized and high quality service.


We use the most internationally advanced audit techniques that require previous planning and coordination of all the resources used.

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The Consulting services are oriented to help the client adapt to changes, taking advantage of the opportunities and solving problems that come up, adding in all cases value to the company.

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Tax counseling and compliance

We provide businesses the right tax load determination of national and regional taxes, as a company as well as an individual.

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Investment projects

We help companies to minimize their tax load through the filing of investment projects that imply great tax savings.

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Transfer Pricing

We provides assistance in develop your transfer pricing policies and prepare transfer pricing studies, to meet your local obligations and conform OECD principles and regulations.

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Off-shore advice

We maximize the tax benefits through the domain of all the normatives and investment options.

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Accounting outsourcing

For companies without the proper infrastructure we aim to satisfy their need for information and control.

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Labour outsourcing

We aim to simplify the administrative process of the companies related to the staff, supporting them throughout the entire labor process.

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Human resources

To discover the talent and potential of the people is a delicate job that requires an important time investment, since there has to be an analysis of sensible information and correctly apply the techniques needed to identify the profiles for the different positions needed for each organization.

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Corporate finance

We specialize in the financial research and company and business assessments in every Sector, in fusions and acquisitions and strategic advisement.
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Fiduciary services - Trusts

We provide services of Fiduciary Administration for private structures in which the integrity of the services gives us a distinctive mark.

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Corporate and legal services

We have a Department specialized in all the legal issues regarding companies.

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Corporate secretariat

We provide assistance on the Shareholders and Board meetings.

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Treasury services

Service offered to the company to provide a solution on the administration and planificación of their treasury needs.

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Audit of labor regulations of subcontracts

Involves controlling the correct compliance with the labor obligations and formalities of subcontractors and outsourced parties.

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Application for legal and fiscal residencies

Work permit, legal and tax residence.

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