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Tax Advice

We provide to the current businesses the right tax load determination of national and regional taxes, as a company as well as an individual.

The professionals in our Tax Department understand the financial consequences implicit in each decision, as such they work together with our clients to ensure right tax payment.

Our Professional Services:

  • Tributary planning
  • Integral fiscal advice
  • Preparation and/or revision of Tax Affidavits
  • Analysis of the tax impact in business transformation process (fusions and absorptions)
  • Defense at the administrative level before inspections carried out by the tax authorities of the General Tax Directorate
  • Analysis and presentation of projects with tax benefits (investment projects)
  • Analysis on foreign investment
  • Advice on agreements to avoid double international taxation with other countries
  • Advice on retention regimes and tax collectio.
  • Advice on the performance of the Company as a responsible substitute for tax payment
  • Management of the unique certificate and DGI specialties
  • Management of fiscal residence certificates